Lumi Ellison

A kind and helpful soul, even to her own detriment; Lumi is the neighbor of the Sulleyn. Her meek exterior belies a deep strength waiting for the right trigger to be released

First Appearance: Demitails Page 33 Last Appearance: Demitails Page 35

Neeka Sulleyn

Neeka's enthusiasm for all things brightens her family's days and quells any tempers. Innocent to the life her mother wishes to keep her from, she approaches any situation with curiosity and optimism. She looks forward to her new life in her new home with her mother and aunt and is certain everything will be great from here on out.

First Appearance: Page 7 Last Appearance: Demitails Page 42

Tirah Sulleyn

Having spent most of her life on the move, hiding from anyone who would wish to bring them harm, Tirah has developed a bit of a thick skin. She's not heartless but is prepared to do what it takes to keep her family safe. All she wants is a normal life for her and her sister and daughter. Hopefully she can find that life in their new home.

First Appearance: Page 2 Last Appearance: Demitails Page 41

Vikara Sulleyn

Vikara cannot remember much of her young life, having spent most of it on open roads and moving from town to town, under the watchful eye of her older sister, Tirah. That was fine for the longest time, now that she's an adult, she wishes to spread her wings and seek more independence but Tirah's overprotective approach to keeping her family safe is putting a wrench in those plans. She loves her sister but fails to see why she wont let her live her own life.

First Appearance: Page 12 Last Appearance: Demitails Page 45